Aloha!  Are you looking for a beautiful decoration for late summer parties, camping trips, or festivals?  The techno-tiki torch project is the perfect way to set the mood with LED torches that glow and animate in any color.  These lights are built from a Gemma and NeoPixel strip placed inside a mason jar that's filled with diffuse material.  The jar slides right into a bamboo tiki torch and turns it into a techno-tiki torch that glows with cyber-Hawaiian ambiance.  And since this torch has no flames it's safe to use anywhere, even indoors!  Light up the dark with the fun colors and style of the techno-tiki torch.

To follow this project it will help to familiarize yourself with the following guides first:

Overall this is an easy project that can be built in an afternoon.  There's a small amount of soldering to connect NeoPixels, Gemma, and an IR receiver.  Continue on to learn about the parts needed to build the project.

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