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This guide was written for the Gemma v2 board, but can be done with either the original or Gemma M0. We recommend the Gemma M0 or Circuit Playground Express as they are easier to use and are more compatible with modern computers!

Aloha!  Are you looking for a beautiful decoration for late summer parties, camping trips, or festivals?  The techno-tiki torch project is the perfect way to set the mood with LED torches that glow and animate in any color.  These lights are built from around Gemma will work with the original, v2 or M0 combined with a NeoPixel strip placed inside a mason jar that's filled with diffuse material.  The jar slides right into a bamboo tiki torch and turns it into a techno-tiki torch that glows with cyber-Hawaiian ambiance.  And since this torch has no flames it's safe to use anywhere, even indoors!  Light up the dark with the fun colors and style of the techno-tiki torch.

UPDATE October 2017: There's now a version of the techno tiki torch that uses Circuit Playground Express!  This version has IR remote control built-in using Circuit Playground Express' IR receiver.  You don't even need to solder NeoPixels to the board as it uses the 10 pixels built-in to Circuit Playground Express too!  Check out the repository for the techno tiki code to get the Circuit Playground Express version and load it on your board using the Arduino IDE or CircuitPython!

To follow this project it will help to familiarize yourself with the following guides first:

Overall this is an easy project that can be built in an afternoon.  There's a small amount of soldering to connect NeoPixels, Gemma, and an IR receiver.  Continue on to learn about the parts needed to build the project.

This guide was first published on Jul 27, 2015. It was last updated on Jul 18, 2024.

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