When you've finished the last page (either Use Computer Webcam or Use Raspberry Pi Camera, your screen should look like the image below. Now you're ready to start training.

Run Training

Follow these steps to run the training process.

Now click Train and leave the tab open and visible. The training process happens in Javascript on your own machine, and will be slow or stalled if the browser window is left in the background.

You may see a dialog telling you that the page is running too slowly. Don't click Kill Page! You'll need to start over again.

While training is in progress, you'll see a progress bar. Training should take around 5 minutes or less using the default 50 epochs.


After training, you can use your computer's webcam to try out the model. You can also upload images taken from the Pi.

Tweaking advanced settings

Sometimes your model may not perform as well as you like on the first run. There are a couple of things you can do in this situation:

  • Run for more epochs. This is the easiest thing--just click the Advanced drop-down in the Training box, and change the number of epochs. Your training time will increase more-or-less linearly with the number of epochs. Try 100 or 200 to start.
  • Use different samples. This will produce the most change in your results, but takes more time.

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