Now you need to create categories in the Teachable Machine UI to match the objects you've chosen. Usually, you should create one category for each distinct type of object you want to recognize--so, if you want to train your model to recognize different clothes, you might create categories for pants, dresses, shirts, and socks.

You can also try to train a smarter model, like one that looks for blue shirts or button-down shirts. But beware, this is advanced and we don't suggest you start with this.

Also, be sure to create a nothing category--one that the machine can choose when it doesn't see anything. You'll need to find some example images that don't contain any of your chosen objects.

Adding Categories to your Teachable Machine project

Each box on the left of your page represents a different category. Change the name of each as follows:

Click the pencil icon, then name the category.

Press Enter to accept the name. The box should look like this (e.g. for the transistor category).

Repeat these steps for each of the other objects you'd like to recognize. When you're finished, your screen should look like this:

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