Extruder Mounts

The Flexystruder works best with our ninjaflex filament. We recommend using two extruders if you plan to switch between filaments or dual print. The mount on the left is for hard plastic filament, while the mount on the right is for flexible filament.

Unfasten nut from Extruder

Use a 13mm socket to loosen the large gear nut in the center of the bearing.

Remove Gears

Rotate the small gear until you see the small screw. Loosen the small screw using a 1.5mm hex bit. Remove the gears by lifting both up at the same time.

Move Motor to New Mount

Swap the motor into the new extruder mount. Switch to a 2.5mm hex bit and loosen to the screws holding the motor to the mount.

Add washers to new mount

Reuse the three washers in the new extruder mount from the previous extruder mount.

Install Motor to New Extruder Mount

Align the motor to the holes on the mount. Reuse the 2.5mm hex screws and secure the motor onto the new mount.

Install Front Washer and Bearing

Insert the washer into the grooves of the new mount and place the bearing on top.

Assemble Gears

Slide both gears into the new extruder mount by placing them in at the same time.

Fasten Small Gear to Motor

Reuse the tiny nut inside the small gear. Fasten the small screw to securely hold the gear to the motor.

Reuse parts from Guidler

Remove the bearing and small nut from the previous guidler. We will reuse the small nut, screw, bearing and bearing bolt pieces on the new deign.

Install Nut to New Guidler

Place the small nut back into grove of the left mounting tab. The small nut holds the guidler arm to the extruder mount.

Install Bearing to New Guidler

Snap the bearing and bolt into the the new guidler grove. The bearing pushes the filament up against the gear teeth that pull it down to the Threaded Extension and into the nozzle.

Add New Guidler to New Extruder Mount

Line up the guidler with the new extruder mount and tighten the screw and washer.
Reuse the small washer from the extruder mount on the new design.

Assemble Extruder

Align the extruder and Budaschnozzle over the assembled mount.

Attach Budaschnozzle

Screw the nut closest to the motor first by hold it down with your finger.

Attach Fan

Position the fan on the new mount extruder. Fasten the the two screws to secure it onto the new mount.

Connect Cables

Reconnect the fan, motor and extruder cables.

Attach New Extruder Mount to Gantry

Fasten the single screw in the top center of the extruder mount to secure it to the gantry.

Loading ABS / PLA

To load or unload filament, we recommend controlling TAZ4 through a slicing program like Simplify3D. In the jobs control section, run the extrude / retract script.

While the Budaschnozzle is extruding, load ABS / PLA by passing it through the filament guide first, then use the latch to clap the filament against the gear teeth. Tighten the two screws until you can feel a good grip on the filament.

Loading Flexible Filaments

To load ninjaflex, use a mm threaded screw to tight the filament up against the gear teeth. If ninjaflex doesn't load, make sure that you have pushed all of the previous filament out with a long needle poker thats comes with the TAZ4 toolset.

1.75 Filament First Print Test

Once the filament is extruding, now you need to run a test print!

We recommend printing an object that takes about a half hour to test for print stability. Watch the first couple of layers to insure extrusion is even and not clogging. If your filament is having issues extruding, try using our recommended slicing settings.

Extruder Temperature
PLA: 240
ABS: 240
ABS Heat Bed: 120
Ninjaflex: 235

Retraction Distance:

Retraction Speed:
1200 mm/min

Print Speed (Travel Rate):
5600 mm/min

4800 mm/min

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