No Raft/Support
%50 infill
2 shells
0.2 layer height
Head bed: 85

Takes around 4 hours to print both pieces.

Setting for printing with 1.75mm

Retraction Distance:

Retraction Speed:
1200 mm/min

Print Speed (Travel Rate):
5600 mm/min

4800 mm/min

E-Step Settings for 1.75mm

"Wade" extruders use a NEMA motor to drive a large reduction gear that turns a "hobbed bolt." We'll need to edit the E-steps that turns the gear, rotation moves using the numbers below:


You'll need to print the three updated parts for using 1.75 filament. The Wade Extruder, Flexystruder and Guidler have been update to allow 1.75 filament!


The Flexystruder works best with our ninjaflex filament. We recommend using two extruders if you plan to switch between filaments or dual print.


The updated Guidler includes a tube that helps guide the filament to the bearing without it kinking.

Support Removal

Print all parts without supports, the model includes support structures under the bearing slot.

Support Removed

Here's what the part should look like after the support material has been removed. Don't sorry about the discoloring!

Drive Gears

Take care when removing the big and small gears. Dont' worry if they get to dirty or break, just print another set out!

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