Installing Libraries

You will need the "RTCZero" library available from You can install it from the Arduino IDE. In the Arduino IDE, click on the menu "Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries". Then in the search box type "RTCZero". Hover your mouse over the lower right corner and click on "Install".

You also need to search for and install the "Adafruit NeoPixel", "Adafruit DMA NeoPixel", and "Adafruit FreeTouch" libraries using the same procedure to search for and install them.

If you're using the infrared control option you will also need to install IRLib2. It is not available directly through the Arduino IDE so you'll have to download it from GitHub and install it manually.

Installation of the IRLib2 library is as follows:

  1. Visit the IRLib2 page on GitHib.
  2. Select the “Download ZIP” button, or simply click this link to download directly.
  3. Uncompress the ZIP file after it’s finished downloading.
  4. The resulting folder should be named "IRLib2-master" and will contain 5 separate folders. That is because IRLib 2.x is actually a collection of 5 libraries that work together. Sometimes in Windows you’ll get an intermediate-level folder and need to move things around.
  5. Copy all five folders into your Arduino library folder alongside your other Arduino libraries, typically in your (home folder)/Documents/Arduino/Libraries folder. Libraries should not be installed alongside the Arduino application itself.
  6. Re-start the Arduino IDE if it’s currently running

This repository consists of a total of five libraries each of which must be in your arduino/libraries/ folder. So for example it should be installed as follows…

  • arduino/libraries/IRLib2
  • arduino/libraries/IRLibFreq
  • arduino/libraries/IRLibProtocols
  • arduino/libraries/IRLibRecv
  • arduino/libraries/IRLibRecvPCI

Do not install them in a single folder such as this…

  • arduino/libraries/IRLib2_master
    • IRLib2
    • IRLibFreq
    • IRLibProtocols
    • IRLibRecv
    • IRLibRecvPCI

Here’s a tutorial that walks through the process of correctly installing Arduino libraries.

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