This will go inside the handle later. In the cartoon, the slider selects among the different modes/shapes and is called the widdershins. In our prop, it just makes nice clicky noises.

Cable for Slider Potentiometer

A matching pair of 3-pin Molex PicoBlade-compatible cables is used to connect the slider potentiometer. Using a pair of these cables will make the assembly much easier.

3-pin Molex Cable Length: 6 inches for ground and center tap (black and yellow wires), 4 inches for +V (red wire).

Solder Slider Potentiometer

Make the following connections to the 3 pins on the slide potentiometer:

  • Pin 1 – Black Wire
  • Pin 2 – Yellow Wire
  • Pin 3 – Red Wire

Wired Slide Potentiometer

Double check the wires are properly soldered to the pins on the slide potentiometer.

A little heat-shrink tubing keeps things tidy, totally optional.

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