Cable for LED

A 2-pin Molex PicoBlade-compatible cable is used to connect the LED to the Feather M4. Make the following cable for connecting the LED.

2-pin Molex cable length: 4 inches.

LEDs have a specific polarity. The longer leg is the anode or + connection.

Next step involves trimming both legs, so it may be helpful to make a small dot with a permanent marker or paint, so you can keep track of which leg is which.

Right-Angled Pins on LED

Cut to trim the two leads from the LEDs shorter. Using a pair of flat pliers, carefully bend the pins so they're right-angled. 

Solder Cable to LED

Solder the red wire to the anode/+ pin (the longer leg before trimming) and the black wire to the cathode/– pin (shorter before trimming).

If you get this backwards, it’s not a disaster, the LED just won’t light. You’ll have an opportunity to test it before everything’s sealed inside the prop, and can make changes if necessary.

Wired LED

Double check the cable has been properly soldered to the pins of the LED.

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