“Twist my widdershins until you reach the null position.” — Talking Computer

The steps here apply to either of the two props.

The shape of the handle is slightly different between them — the total conversion beam has an angled handle, while it’s perpendicular for the talking computer. Photos below show the angled handle. In both cases, the hole for the trigger button is near the top, and all the wires should be routed out that end of the handle.

Hardware for Slider Potentiometer

Use 2x M2 x 8mm long screws to secure the slider potentiometer to the handle.

Install Slider Potentiometer

Insert the slide potentiometer through the handle with the cable facing out the top. Fit the nub of the slider through the slit. Line up the potentiometer with the two mounting holes. Insert and fasten the M2 x 8mm screws to secure the slider potentiometer to the handle.

Secured Slider Potentiometer

Double check the slider potentiometer has ben properly secured to the handle.

Install Push Button

Insert the 16mm push button through the trigger hole of the handle. Fit the cable from the button through the hole and route so it's sticking out the top of the handle.

Secure Push Button

The interior of the handle is so cramped that we can’t fit the button’s original washer and screw! You can try a rubber o-ring or wrap the button with tape for a tight press-fit, or glue it from the back with a couple dabs of hot glue or a crafter’s adhesive like E-6000 (use a rubber band to hold the button in place while this dries for a couple hours).

Install Battery

Insert the 2200mAh battery through the bottom of the handle. Fit the battery through the built-in clip inside the handle.

Push the battery through the clip so it's fully fitted inside the handle with the cable sticking out the top.

Stuffed Handle

Double check the slider potentiometer, push button and battery are secured to the handle with their respective cables facing out the top.

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