Here are the details for building the Time Triangle Thing.

Prepare the LED Matrices

Follow this guide for the general assembly of the 8x8 LED matrices:

You'll also need to change the I2C address of one of the matrices. See this part of the guide:

and solder the A0 jumper on one of the LEDs matrices to set the address to 0x71. That way we will end up with these addresses for our matrices:

  • Matrix 1 = 0x70 (default, no solder)
  • Matrix 2 = 0x71

Wiring Diagram

Here's how everything gets wired together. The 0x70 address matrix in on top and the 0x71 address matrix in on the bottom. Also reference the photos below in the general build.

Making the Triangle

Let's use some paper craft skills to make our Time Triangle Thing. You'll need a piece of cardboard that is 9" x 6". The bottom of an Adafruit shipping box can be used, which is what is shown here. But any scrap cardboard should do.

Gather the items you'll need:

  • A source for the cardboard
  • A pencil and a ruler
  • Something to cut with
  • Some tape
  • Cut the cardboard into a 9" wide by 6" tall rectangle.
  • Mark vertical lines at 3", 6", and 7.5" from the left edge.
  • Mark a horizontal line 3" up from the bottom as shown in the far right area.
  • Place the components down and use them to mark the cut outs.
  • Use the LEDs themselves (not the PCB edges) to mark square cut outs.
  • Use the Feather to mark cut outs for the headers to poke through.
  • This is how the markings should end up looking.
  • The small circle by the Feather is for passing through the battery cable.
Neatness counts for the LED cut outs. So take your time with those.
  • CAREFULLY cut out the areas.
  • Bend the cardboard at the 3" and 6" lines using the edge of the ruler to help make it nice and sharp.
  • It should look something like this.
  • Tape the components in place.
  • Note the orientation of the LED matrices. The top one should be 0x70 and the bottom one should be 0x71.
  • The Feather is on the outside and pokes through the slots.
  • Wire everything together. Consult the wiring diagram.
  • Now close everything up into the eponymous triangle.
  • Tape along the edge to close it up.


Now move on to loading the code...

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