Here we have a very nice, off the shelf foam sword. It sure looks like it could use some light and sound effects!

There's a flat part on the sword guard that looks perfect for attaching the Circuit Playground.

Once you've uploaded your code to the Circuit Playground, it's time to connect it to the AAA battery pack and attach it all to your prop weapon.

Depending on your prop, you can choose different methods to attach it. Small zip ties are great because the are sturdy, fit through the holes on the Circuit Playground, and can be customized to different lengths by adding one zip tie to the end of another.

Here, you can see the Circuit Playground zip tied to a foam sword.

After pulling the zip ties tight, use diagonal cutters or scissors to clip the exess length from the ends.

Those little zip tie ends can be sharp after cutting -- use nail clippers to round them down and avoid a scratch!

Next, feed the battery cable under the backside of the Circuit Playground, under the zip ties, then plug it in.

The battery pack fits nicely on the backside of the sword guard, also using zip ties. Create a zip tie harness for the battery pack by threading two through the back of the existing ones, double them with two more zip ties, then secure the battery pack. You can create an additional point of security with a set of three zip ties running around the battery pack horizontally.

Tighten the zip ties and clip the excess ends.

Swing it to try it out!

Next, we'll look at a more customized approch to building a prop magic wand from scratch to fit the Circuit Playground.

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