This magic wand was designed specially to use the Circuit Playground as its centerpiece effect. It is 3D printed with a mix of translucent and opaque materials, has a mounting plate onto which you can secure the Circuit Playground, as well as an integrated LiPoly battery and on/off switch.

In addition to the Circuit Playground, LiPoly battery, and switch, you'll also need four M3 x 6mm screws and nuts, two M3 x 16mm screws and nuts, and four M2 x 6mm screws and nuts.

Here are the files you'll use to print it.

Print the star parts in a translucent material, such as a natural PLA. The rest of the parts can be printed in any material you choose, and even painted for a more finished look.

The piezo speaker on the Circuit Playground isn't terribly loud, so there are small start cutouts in the shell to help the sound escape. The top star can also be used to access the reset button, should you need it.

Next you'll assemble the wand. Make sure you've uploaded the Make Believe sketch to the Circuit Playground, then mount it to the mount plate using 2.5mm screws and nuts.

Next, place the switch into the handle cutout, feeding the plug ends through their respective holes for the battery and the Circuit Playground board. Plug the battery into the switch and the switch into the Circuit Playground's JST connector. Test the switch to make sure the Circuit Playground turns on.

Place the battery in its place inside the lower handle bottom, then fasten the bottom with an M3 x 16mm screw and nut.

Note how the lower switch wire and battery wire are tucked into the handle with the connectors accessiblye through the handle opening. This is so you can pull them out and dissconnect them for battery charging without unscrewing the wand.

Sandwich the Circuit Playground and mount between the two star halves, feeding the switch wire through the wire channel at the base of the star top half.

Begin the assembly in this order:

  • Top half of handle
  • Trim piece
  • Star top
  • Circuit Playground and mount
  • Star bottom
  • Bottom half of handle

Screw the handle top parts together with the other M3 x 16mm screw, placing the nut on the opposite side.

Add the remaining trim pieces on the top and bottom of the stars and screw them together with M2 x 8mm screws and nuts.

Now, you can turn on the wand and wave and flick it to maximum magical effect. Should the battery ever require charging, you can pull the charging plug through the port in the handle and plug it into a LiPoly USB charger.

Remember, this guide is just a leaping off point for using the Circuit Playground to add motion triggered effects to any prop you like!

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