Strip your copper wire and insert through one set of slots in the stacked acrylic pieces. Hide the ends to the back side of the faceplate and use pliers to squeeze the wires into a tight fit. Our thick wire couldn't be wrapped multiple times around, so we cut each loop at the back and started with a fresh loop. The wire ends will be hidden so the back doesn't have to look pretty!
Continue this process to place five or six loops in each slot until they are all filed with faux "coils."
The arc reactor in Iron Man 3 has a different design without wires. We used white acrylic and a blue dry-erase marker in the etchings to achieve the above effect.
Dab some E6000 adhesive on the back of the coils, and gently glue the circuit assembly to it. Don't press so hard that the metal wire comes in contact with the pixel ring PCB-- the glue acts as an insulator. E6000 dries clear and flexible in about 24 hours.
If you're in a rush you can use hot melt glue. It's inferior to E6000 in almost every way, but it will get the job done fast.

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