Be creative here! Other NeoPixel products could be used - like strips. And the lamp housing can be anything fun. We document what we used just to provide the info.


To wire up the NeoPixels:

  • QT Py 5V to NeoPixel PWR
  • QT Py GND to NeoPixel GND
  • QT Py SCK* to NeoPixel IN

* or any available GPIO pin

Lamp Assembly

Honestly, we were hoping to find something a little more fun than a generic dome. Anything with good neutral diffusion would work, like a plastic dinosaur! But when we went looking, the thrift store gods only offered up this 50 cent battery powered closet light. It'll work to demonstrate the general idea though, which is to basically just shove everything into whatever is used for the lamp.

Four screws were removed to allow removing the bottom plate (black plastic).

The NeoPixel ring was hot glued on the inside of the bottom plate in the center.

The original lamp socket can be seen in the center of the NeoPixel ring.

Then the QT Py ESP32-S2 was wired to the NeoPixels.

These could be direct wired. The wiring harness shown here is not necessary.

And then the top was put back on. Done!

For power, a USB cable was fed through the open battery compartment and connected to the QT Py ESP32-S2's USB C connector.

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