In this project we’re building a handheld gaming console! This DIY gadget has 12 buttons, an analog joystick, stereo speakers and a 5” HDMI display. We’re using the Raspberry Pi A+ and RetroPie image. We call it.... Super Game Pi!

Bigger than our DIY GameBoy, this project has support for way more games, a bigger screen, sound and all ze buttons!

To make your own Super Game Pi, you’ll have to 3D print the enclosure, hack an SNES controller and solder electronics.

You can pick the Raspberry Pi A+ and all the parts to build this project from Adafruit. We’ll need some hand tools and access to a 3D Printer. Check out the full list of materials below.

RetroPie + Emulationstation

Unlike the DIY gameboy, this project uses an 5" HDMI display instead of the 2.8" PiTFT. Since the PiTFT is not an HDMI display, our earlier project couldn't take advantage of the Pi's hardware graphics accelleration. 

Big screen, more games!

With a 5" true HDMI screen, the Pi can run Emulationstation so you can play just about any emulator. Ports and PC games are also supported as long as you can update the Pi to run proper libraries and dependencies. By default, the RetroPie image includes all the libraries to run a hand full of retro emulators (NES, SNES, Apple II, PC, GB, GBA).


This is a challenging and advanced DIY project that requires basic 3D printing, electronic and maker skills. The parts take about 8-10 hours to print while the assembly will vary depending on how much time you can devote to completing the project. You'll want to plan this project with least 6 hours of making in mind. 

We built this project over the course of many weeks with a lot of effort. We will not be able to fix or refund your project if it deoesn't work out! Do not attempt if you are not familiar with all the parts used!

This is not a good "first" 3D printing or Raspberry Pi project!


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