Install 5" Display

Disconnect the display from the extension socket - we need to install it to the top enclosure part.

Insert the 5" TFT display into the top enclosure part at an angle and slide it in through the clips on the edge of the opening for the screen.

Carefully bend the enclosure back to allow the clips to open and hold the edges of the screen down into place. Try not to press the screen down to the clips as too much force will snap off the clips or damange the screen.

If you can't get the screen through one of the clips - just snip the clip shorter or completely off. There's enough clips to keep the screen held to the enclosure.

Install flat HDMI cable

The HDMI cable needs to arranged with the wire folded in order to properly close the enclosure. 

Bend the wire at the end of the connector and arrange the excess so that it can be tucked into the battery opening near the back of the enclosure.

Install Buttons & Elastomers

Place the plastic buttons into the openings on the top enclosure part. The elastomer set for the action buttons can be held in place by inserting the corner hoop into the nub on the enclosure. The start/select elastomer has a hole in the center that can plug into the nub on the enclosure.

Install L+R Shoulder PCBs

Insert the L and R shoulder elastomer pieces into the holders with the tip facing the openings in the enclosure.

Shut Enclosure

There are six screws that will hold the two enclosure parts secured together. Locate the posts that will join the enclosure parts and fasten #4-40 3/8 flat Phillips machine screws into the posts - this makes it easier to fasten the parts while holding them shut. 

Start with the top corner and work your away all around the enclosure. The top of the enclosure has two stand-offs that can be secured using a machine screw and nut.

Secure enclosure shut

The HDMI cable will make it difficult to close the enclosure due to the excess wire. Press the two parts together with one hand and start fastening the screws on the bottom of the part to secure the enclosure shut.

Install L & R shoulder buttons

Squeeze the L and R ninjaflex buttons into the shoulder openins near the top of the enclosure. Because its TPE material, you can squish it and pop it into place. The edge on the bottom of the print will keep the part from coming out of the enclosure.

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