Ready to Print

Parts were designed in Autodesk 123D Design to only house only the components listed in the build of materials. The parts are optimized to 3D print on FDM desktop machines.

Open to Mod

We've shared the 123DX file which includes the original solids. You can download and modify the design if you're interested to extend the features or adjust geometery for other components.

PLA Material

We recommend using PLA filament for minimum warping and best print quality. The parts are pre-orientation and centered so they're ready to print. No support material or raft required.

Ninjaflex Filament

We recommend using TPE flexible filament like Ninajflex to print the L and R shoulder buttons. This gives the buttons a grippy rubbery feel making it easy and enjoyable to mash.

Build Platform

The parts are large and require a bed plate with a minimum size of 226mm by 128mm. To ensure a high quality surface finish, we recommend printing straight on a clean surface like acyrlic, blue painters tape or glass. 

Having a leveled bed is very crucial to getting a decent quality surface. Babysit the first layer. If the first layer doesn't stick down all the way, cancel the print, clean the bed and try again.

Slice Settings

We recommend using Cura to slice the parts. Depending on your printers nozzle and extruder, you will need to adjust the settings. We recommend printing slow around 30-40mm/sec for best quality..

This guide was first published on Jan 14, 2015. It was last updated on Jan 14, 2015.

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