Those proficient in GitHub and Git may look to submit their own pull request for their project code and files.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Please ensure your code compiles clean for the target microcontroller board in the latest downloadable IDE (re. not Arduino Create/web).

2. Gather all files the project needs. Source files, data files, etc.

3. Add appropriate author and license information per instructions in this guide.

4. Make an appropriate .xxxx.test.only file.

Once these steps are done, please follow the Adafruit Learning System guide

Contribute to the Adafruit Learning System with Git and GitHub

This guide goes step by step into using GitHub and Git - in getting a fork of the Adafruit Learning System, Branching, Add/Commit/Push, and creating a Pull Request.

Follow These Guidelines

Be sure the directory structure of the Pull Request matches what you want in the Learning System.

Name the main directory after your board and project. Look at other submissions in the repository on how others should do it. The format is


With boardname the microcontroller board (At least the first letter capitalized, not in all caps, please. And the descriptive text as necessary. Example - a project using the Adafruit Feather M0 board to do servo rotation might be:


If you have code for multiple projects, please put it in directories with the same name as the code file, re:

- Feather_M0_Servo_Rotation
  - servo_rotate_right
  - servo_rotate_left

Please be sure you credit yourself as author and note the software license of the code per Contribute to the Adafruit Learning System with Git and GitHub.

Bonus: Include a file in the main directory with information on your code and project.

Submitting a Pull Request

When the PR window is displayed in GitHub, the description text has been prepopulated with instructions. Please review them. Add your own comments on the title of your learning guide.

Submit your PR.

As for reviewers, please tag your facilitator for review.     

The Continuous Integration (CI) process will start. Please keep an eye on the status. If the code fails to compile on your target board(s), please make corrections and resubmit. 

If you find a library is missing, see the next page "Missing Libraries".

Once the code has been certified by the CI, it'll be ready for facilitator review and possible merge. Please work with your facilitator if any issues arise.          

If you seem to have issues with the CircuitPython linting process in the CI, place a file named .circuitpython.skip in your folder to tell the CI that it shouldn't bother using CircuitPython with this project.

When Your PR is Merged

When your code has completed CI and Adafruit has merged your PR, you can go to GitHub and get links to your main source files for inclusion in your guide. Skip to the page Placing Your Code Into Your Guide for instructions.

This guide was first published on Oct 19, 2021. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (Making Your Own Pull Request) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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