Time to animate! First, make sure your room is dark -- the darker it is, the better the effect will be. Then, turn on the Crickit's on/off switch. The disk will spin and the lights will flash, but it may not yet look like the animation you expect.

To tune the sync of the spinning and flashing, you will want to increase and decrease the motor speed and the LED flashing rate. Flip the switch on the Circuit Playground Express to the left, and then try hitting the B button (on the right) a few times to increase the flashing speed until the strobe syncs with the motor. It may appear dimmer as it gets very fast, but this is OK, don't worry.

You can then flip the switch to the right and use the buttons to increase or decrease the motor speed to fine tune it.

When it starts to sync you may notice the faces are animating, but they appear to be rolling off to the left or right. Try tuning motor speed up or down to lock it in!

Change It Up!

Feel free to use one of the other animations provided or make your own. Have fun with your Zoetrope!

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