Power Trinket with Lipo Battery

We'll start the electronics by connecting the JST Switched Breakout to the Adafruit Trinket. We need two pieces of wire to connect the power and ground. The wires can be short. Use wire strippers to remove a small amount of insultation from the tips of each wire. Then, tin them by applyng a small amount of solder.

Connect Wires to Power Trinket

On the bottom of the Adafruit Trinket are power and ground pads. We can use these to connect the two wires. Apply a small amount of solder to both pads. Then, connect the wires to the pads.

Connect Trinket to JST Switched Breakout

Now we can connect the power wire from the Trinket to the SW pin on the JST breakout. Then, connect the ground wire from the Trinket, to the ground pin on the JST breakout.

Test Powering Trinket

Plug in the JST connector from the battery to the JST breakout and flip the switch to ON. The green LED from the Adafruit Trinket will light on, indicating that it's reaching power.

Measure NeoPixel Wires

This prop will require some specific wire lengths for the NeoPixel. I did a "dry fit" to see how long the wires will need to be. It's a good idea to use more than enough wire since we can always shorten them later. We'll need three wires for the NeoPixel.

NeoPixel Wires

Once we have our three wires cut, we can use wire strippers to remove some insulation. Then, we can tin the tips by applying small amounts of solder. I recommend using a set of helping third hands to assist you while soldering.

Connect Wires to NeoPixel

Now we can connect the wires to the NeoPixel. On the bottom of the Mini NeoPixel PCB are three pads labeled, 5V, DIN and GND. I suggest tinning the pads. Then, solder the three wires to these pads.

Use Heat Shrink Tubing

Pieces of heat shrink tubing will keep the wires together. Cut pieces of tubing and slide them over the wires – apply heat to tighting the tubing. 

Connect Wires to Push Button

I suggest using wire strippers to remove insulation and then tinning the tips of each wire. Now we can connect the wires to the legs on the push button. 

Heat Shrink Tubing on Button Wires

Again, adding heat shrink tubing to the wires – This time for the button!

Connect Ground Wires to Ground on Trinket

Since the Adafruit Trinket only has one GND pin, I tied the ground wires from the NeoPixel and push button together. Then, inserted them into the GND pin on the Adafruit Trinket. Now I can solder the two ground wires in place.

Connect Button to Trinket

The second wire from the push button will connect to pin number 2 on the Adafruit Trinket.

Connet NeoPixel Power to Trinket

The power wire from the NeoPixel will connect to the BAT pin on the Adafruit Trinket.

Connect NeoPixel Data to Trinket

The Data In wire from the NeoPixel will connect to pin number 0 on the Adafruit Trinket.

Final Circuit Test

With all of our components wired up, we can test the final circuit! The arduino code should already be uploaded to the Adafruit Trinket – If you haven't yet, please do so now!

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