Glue Blade Base Halves

I used E6000 adhesives to glue most of the parts. The main base of the blade is split into two halves which will need to be glued together. Use clamps to keep the parts together while the adhesive cures.

Glue Blade Sections

The middle and tip of the blade will need to be glued to the bottom base of the blade. Again, use clamps to keep these parts together while they dry.

Glue Handle Grips

Glue the handle grips to both halves of the handle. Take note the grips with the holes will go with the halve that has holes.

Insert Pixel to Front Barrel

The NeoPixel can fit through the hole on the bottom of the back barrel and out the other end.

Insert Pixel to Back Barrel

Then, we can thread the NeoPixel through the front barrel and pull it all the way through.

Mount NeoPixel to Barrel

Now we can mount the NeoPixel to the front facing plate of the barrel by pressing it in until it clicks into place.

Glue Barrel Face

Once the NeoPixel is mounted, we can glue the facing barrel to the front of the barrel.

Assemble Parts

Join the back and front barrel parts together. The key from the front barrel goes into the slot on the back barrel.

Install Trigger and Guard

The keys from the trigger fit into the slide on the trigger guard. The trigger guard snaps into the key on the handle.

Install Button to Handle

The pushbutton can rest in the cavity right behind the trigger.

Fit Wires Into Handle

With those pieces in place, we can nestle the wires into the channel grove on the inside of the handle halve.

Assemble Handle Halves

Then, carefully place the second halve of the handle on top and secure the two pieces together with machine screws.

Install Barrel to Handle

The barrel assembly slots into the keys on the handle assembly. Press the two together until they click into place.

Install Components into Magazine

Now we can carefuly fit the components into the magazine. You'll need to power the circuit on before installing. Power the circuit off when not in use.

Install Blade into Handle

The blade assebly attaches to both the trigger guard and the front barrel. The key from the blade slots into the trigger guard. The top of the blade snaps into the lower receiever.

Test Pushbutton and Trigger

Squeeze the trigger to actuate the push button. The slots in the trigger guard and handle allows the trigger to slide.

Complete Build

And that’s it for the build, I think this is a really awesome way to get triggered lighting effects, especially for cosplay props, but this would also work for costumes. The electronics I used in this project are great for cosplay weapons or really anything that needs to flash when you press a button.

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