3D Printed Parts

There's a total of 20 parts. The most of the parts (with the exception of the magazine) are oriented to 3D print "as-is" and does not require any support material.

Slice Settings

Most of these settings will need to charge depending on your 3D printers configuration, and choice of material. Below are the settings we used on a Sigma BCN3D printer using PLA filament.

  • 220C extruder – 65C heated bed
  • 20% Infill – 0.2mm layer height
  • 60mm/s travel – 150mm/s default speed
  • 0.4mm nozzle – 100% extrusion multiplier

Large Build Volume

Some of the parts may be to large to fit on the bed of a smaller 3D printer. The tallest part requires at least 155mm of Z-height. The X and Y requires a minimum of 135mm by 128mm of print volume.

Download & Remix

If you're interested in making changes to the design, the source is public so you can download it the original in many different formats such as IGS, STEP, SAT, Google SketchUp, etc.

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