Cosplay Props with NeoPixels

In this project, you'll learn how to add triggered lighting effects to your cosplay props. The electronics used in this prop are great for cosplay weapons or really anything that needs to flash when you press a button.

Triggered Lighting Effects

Inside the barrel is a single NeoPixel. Mounted behind the trigger is a little push button, so when the trigger is squeezed, it actuates the button and lights up the NeoPixel. The  Adafruit Trinket and 500mAh lipo battery are fitted inside the magazine and the entire prop is 3D printed.

DIY Electronics

The electronics used in this project are easy to use and can be mounted in all sorts of builds. In its most basic form, the circuit consists of an Adafruit Trinket micro-controller, push button and single NeoPixel. The power can be supplied by either a USB battery pack or rechargable lipoly battery via JST breakout. When the button is pressed, the NeoPixel flashes for 1/3 of a second. The animation fades through a color gradient and creates a "light blast" effect. It’s easy to change the colors in the gradient and you can scale the animation by increasing the number of pixels.

Prerequisite Guides

We suggest walking through the following guides to get a better understanding of the components and Arduino IDE. We also have great tutorials on learning how to solder.


All of the components used in this project are listed below and in the right hand sidebar. 

Tools & Supplies

You'll need some tools and supplies to complete this project, but feel free to improvise and use any materials you like.

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