Here are some resources for going into greater depth in stop motion animation, armature/puppet making, set building, and more:


Puppets/Armatures/Pose Figures

You can use all kinds of things to build stop motion characters -- clay, foam and wire, LEGOs, action figures, you name it! If you want to do more dynamic or fluid animation, you'll want a character with a high degree of freedom on more joints than your average action figure.

  • StickyBones are highly poseable figures with magnetic feet and palms for extremely dynamic positions that hold their poses well (can be pre-ordered now, shipping in December)
  • Stop Motion Store sells metal jointed and flexible wire-based armatures meant to be built inside of puppets


Behind the Scenes

Some of the best stop motion animation being created is from Laika Studios. Here's a wonderful look behind the scenes on one of their full-scale features, ParaNorman.

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Here are some places to watch examples of stop motion animation, including commercial work, TV and feature films, and fan-made LEGO brick films:

This guide only scratches the surface of the rich, limitless world of stop motion animation. We hope it inspires you to take your first steps and start animating!

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