Stop motion animation is lots of fun to watch, and maybe even more fun to make! Using a tablet or smartphone with inexpensive or even free software, it's very easy to make your own stop motion films.

This guide covers the basics to get you started, and includes resources and links for further learning.

Since Halloween is a terrific subject for stop motion animation (go watch The Nightmare Before Christmas if you've never seen it!) we'll create a Halloween-themed shot using our beloved Adafruit characters!


You can use nearly anything you like to create sets and characters for stop motion! A cardboard box and a couple of LEGO figures or a lump of clay are more than enough materials to begin!

Here are some simple accessories to use if you want to make an Adafruit-themed Halloween stop motion animation.

Tools and Materials

In addition to cardboard or foam core to act as a set, plus some figures, blocks, clay, stickers, or other materials for characters, you'll also need:

  • iOS or Android tablet or smart phone
  • Stop motion app, such as Stop Motion Studio
  • Tripod or other tablet/phone holder to keep it steady
  • Many devices can use the inline button on a pair of earbuds to trigger the camera shutter without touching the screen, so if you happen to have a set of those, great!
  • A lamp or two for even, controlled lighting

Optional Upgrades

If you want to bump up the quality of your stop motion animation at some point, consider getting dedicated lighting and helping hands to hold set pieces and characters:

1 x Camera-Mount LED Photography Light
CIE Ra 95 - 3200K to 5600K
1 x Hobby Creek Magnetic Helper Hand
Two arms on one magnetic base

Let's get started!

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