The amplifier breakout board is fully assembled and tested. To easily integrate the amplifier into your project, we include the following:
  • A 9-pin header for use with breadboard or connectors
  • 3.5mm screw-terminal blocks for your speakers
  • A 2x4 header + jumper for setting the gain

Solder the header:

Cut the header to size (9 pins) and insert it into a breadboard (long pins down!) to hold it steady.

For breadboard use:

Place the amplifier module face-up over the headers. Prop the back-edge up with the leftover header strip to align it.

For use with connectors:

If you are going to build this into a project and want to connect from the front side, place the amplifier module face down for soldering.

And Solder!

For tips on soldering, see our Adafruit Guide to Excellent Soldering.

Add Gain Selection and Speaker Terminals

Solder the 2x4 pin header for gain selection to the top of the board as shown. Also solder in the 3.5mm screw terminals for the speakers.

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