Parts List

STL files for 3D printing are oriented to print "as-is" on FDM style machines. Parts are designed to 3D print without any support material. Original design source may be downloaded using the links below.

  • STEMMA-Leo-1.4
  • STEMMA-Leo-1.3-oled
  • STEMMA-Leo-1.3
  • STEMMA-Leo-.9
  • STEMMA-Leo-.5
  • STEMMA-Leo-.7
  • STEMMA-Leo-.5

Additional optional parts

  • Feather-Lego-Peg-tubes
  • Lego-500-Bat-Pocket-studs
  • 2200mah-lego-studs
  • Feather-Doubler-Lego
  • Lego-Slide-Switch

Fusion 360 Links

Slicing Parts

Slice with setting for PLA material. The parts were sliced using CURA using the slice settings below.

  • PLA filament 215c extruder
  • 0.2 layer height
  • 10% gyroid infill
  • 60mm/s print speed
  • 60c heated bed


We use super glue to adhere the brick studs / tubes. Apply small even dots on one of the part, align both parts and gently press together. Allow the parts to dry for at least 10 minutes before use.

Follow the directions on the super glue container, do not touch with fingers, please wear eye protection and be careful. Older makers should help younger ones.

This guide was first published on Sep 09, 2020. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (3D Printing) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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