It's always good to test your parts to be sure they are working correctly, and to get familiar with them. So, follow the directions on the Monochrome OLED Breakouts learning guide under "Wiring 128x64 with SPI ". I have headers soldered onto my parts to test them, as I start with a prototype. If you only have one set of parts, you'll want to put some test wires on your parts with a combo of alligator clips to get to your breadboard wires.

OLED -> Pro Trinket

  • Gnd -> G
  • Vin -> 5V
  • Data -> Digital 9
  • Clk -> Digital 10
  • D/C -> Digital 11
  • Rst -> Digital 13
  • CS -> Digital 12
Make sure you have loaded the correct Pro Trinket Arduino software, as well as the drivers and libraries as outlined in the guides.

Now run:


You'll know everything is okay if you got the Adafruit splash screen and a variety of examples like lines, circles, rectangles and other fun images. If your screen isn't powering up, double check the wiring and make sure your USB cable is tight in the Pro Trinket's connector. Okay, time to get building!

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