First, if your setting was oriented horizontally, gently remove the jumper ring. We'll be using it later. Then, examine your jewelry setting and see how the current ornament is attached. Most likely you will need to swab the glued area with alcohol on the back. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then push from behind to release the ornament. 

Next, clean any residue from the ornmanent. You may want to use a combination of hot sudsy water, as well as alcohol. When that is done, drill a hole into the new location you want your jump ring. Mine is placed at the top of the oval.

You will need to fill in the oval ring with a matte. So, hold up your illuminated OLED into the setting so you know how thick your matte needs to be to hide the edges of the screen. Then, use an image program to draw an oval that meets the measurements needed. Trace the pattern onto the back of the adhesive felt backing and cut with sharp scissors. Then, peel off the backing and apply to the inside of the setting. 

Time to mount the OLED. Peel off the protective film and double check how it appears while illuminated in the setting. Notice the glass plate is not centered on the PCB, so make sure you view it from the side that will be seen when positioning it. Apply a small drop of jewelry glue on each corner of the actual glass plate on the OLED (not the PCB) and press firmly onto the setting. 

Jewelry glue is toxic, so be sure to wear gloves. It also sets quickly.

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