Safety First!

These goggles are not suitable for general use as eyewear, and certainly not safe to use as protective lenses. The flashing lights are very visible inside the goggles. They will impair your vision and may cause dizziness headaches or even nausea with prolonged use. The LED rings themselves will severely limit your peripheral vision, making it dangerous to walk-about, much less drive a car, juggle chainsaws or pilot a starship.

Please use them safely! When moving around, wear them on your forehead or around your neck.

Color Control

The LED color is controlled by the compass heading computed from the LSM303 magnetometer readings. If you are ever lost in the woods, you will find these goggles to be slightly more accurate for direction finding than moss on the side of a tree.

  • North-NorthEast – Blue
  • East – Cyan
  • South-SouthEast – Green
  • South SouthWest – Yellow
  • West – Red
  • North NorthWest – Purple

Operating Modes:

The STEAM-Punk Goggle Operating System recognizes several "gesture" commands for changing operating modes. All it takes is a nod of the head to engage the anti-gravity circuits:

Anti-Gravity Mode

To engage the anti-gravity circuit, look straight up for 2 seconds. You will see the spin-up display while the anti-gravity field is building. When the anti-gravity field is active, the pendulums will be upside-down.

To disengage the anti-gravity field, look straight down for 2 seconds. The spin-down display will indicate that the anti-gravity field is winding down.

Mirror Mode:

To engage mirror mode operation, lean to the left for 2 seconds. The spin up display will indicate successful activation of the mirroring circuits.

To disengage the mirroring circuits, lean to the right for 2 seconds. The spin-down display will indicate the return to normal synchronized operation.

This guide was first published on Oct 08, 2013. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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