This guide was written for the Gemma v2 boards. It can also be done with the Gemma M0. We recommend the Gemma M0 as it is easier to use and is more compatible with modern computers! The wiring is the same.

Let's build an 8-bit tree topper! This project uses the GEMMA to run a NeoPixel ring stuffed inside a 3D printed Mario star. You start out by printing four star model parts. Then, you'll build and program the circuit. Next comes assembly, and finally you'll power it up and place it atop your tree! (Thanks to Artie Beavis / AtmelMakes for the name!)

Before you start, you should be familiar with using your 3D printer, and read up on these guides:

 You'll need:

This guide was first published on Dec 22, 2015. It was last updated on Jul 17, 2024.

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