This soundboard requires 32 different audio clips. In this project we will use clips from Star Trek (the original late 1960s TV series) to demonstrate how to work with .mp3 files, resulting in a nerd-tastic tool. 

Star Trek sounds can be purchased online here and/or here.

Other audio clips can also be downloaded from sites the specialize in Star Trek fandom or celebrity impersonations

Audio files can be gathered by any means you like, but they will all need to be formatted the same way to be recognized by the NeoTrellis M4.

See this guide on how to convert audio files

No Mix & Match!

Make sure your audio files are exported as 16-bit PCM WAV at 22,050 Hz and they are all Stereo or all Mono -no mix and match!

This guide was first published on Nov 14, 2018. It was last updated on Nov 27, 2023.

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