Short Cable for NeoPixels

The two NeoPixel sticks will be daisy chained using a short 3-wire ribbon cable.

Peel three wires from the 10-wire ribbon cable to create a short 3-pin cable for connecting the two NeoPixel sticks together.

JST Cable for NeoPixels

Separate three wires from the 10-wire ribbon cable to create a long cable extension for the 3-pin JST cable. 

Cut the 3-wire ribbon cable to the desired length. Make sure it's a has a minimum length of 6in (15cm). 

A 3-pin JST cable will connect the NeoPixel sticks to the NeoPixel Driver BFF board.

Solder Short Cable

Connect the short 3-wire ribbon cable to one of the NeoPixel sticks by soldering to the GND, 5VDC and DOUT pads.

Solder Short Cable (Continued)

Connect the other end of the short ribbon cable to the second NeoPixel stick by soldering to the GND, 5VDC and DIN pads.

The connections between the two boards are:

  • GND to GND
  • 5VDC to 5VDC
  • DOUT to DIN

Soldered NeoPixel Sticks

Double check the short cable has been soldered to the correct pads.

Solder 3-pin JST Extension

Connect the long ribbon cable to the 3-pin JST cable by soldering the individual wires to the red, black and white colored wires.  

Use pieces of heat shrink tubing to insulate the exposed wire.

3-pin JST Cable

Double check the soldered wires have a good and strong connection.

Connect JST Cable to NeoPixels

Solder the three wires from the JST cable/extension to the NeoPixel stick with the DIN pad. Connect red wire extension to 5VDC, black wire extension to GND and white wire extension to the DIN pad.

Wired NeoPixel Sticks

Take a moment to double check the wired connections have been properly soldered.

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