Acrylic Template

A piece of stock can be from the 12 x 12in sheet can using a table saw or a scoring tool (plastic cutting knife). Our stock was cut to 114x114m to accommodate the size of the Bantamtools CNC spoilboard. Use the SVG file to CNC mill or laser cut the piece. Optionally print the template for reference.

Desktop CNC

Cutting the Black LED acrylic was done using the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC. This guide covers using Fusion 360 and bantam tools software to cut the acrylic. 

Tool Library

Download the tool library from the Bantam Tools website to use in Fusion 360. Install the library by using the Tool Library in the manufacture workspace. Select Local in the side bar and click the Import libraries icon. Navigate and choose the bantam tools Fusion 360 tool library. Use the 1/8in flat end mill to cut the piece of acrylic.

2D Contour

In Fusion 360 manufacture workspace, create a New Setup and set stock mode as relative size box. Add a 2mm to the stock side offset. Use the 2D contour operation to cut the shape out the material. Under the Tool tab, select the 1/8in flat end mill from the imported tools under Local library. Under the geometry tab, in the contour selection area, click on the lower edge of the model. Under the Passes tab, enable Multiple Depths and add 0.1mm to Maximum Roughing. Use the recommended settings for cutting acrylic with a 1/8in flat end mill. Right click on the setup in the browser select post process. Use the othermill as the processor and name your gcode file accordingly. 

  • Tool: 1/8" flat end mill
  • Feed rate: 59 in/min (1500 mm/min)
  • Plunge rate: 1.81 in/min (46 mm/min)
  • Spindle speed: 16,400 RPM
  • Max pass depth: 0.005" (0.13 mm)


Use the open files button and navigate to the exported gcode file from Fusion 360. Set the material to Generic using the dropdown. Enter the dimensions of your stock acrylic in the material size dropdown. Set the X and Y to 0mm and add a 0.2mm to the Z to accommodate for the double-sided tape used to secure the stock to the spoil board. Offset the placement of the gcode file by 2mm in the X and Y. Set the Z to 0.2mm for stock to leave behind. Select the 1/8in flat end mill. Click start milling button when the stock is secured and the 1/8in end mill is installed and probed.

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