One of the more challenging parts of this project was just finding a mask that works with the particular needs of the MONSTER M4SK board…

The main issue is that most masks are (sensibly) designed with openings for the wearer’s eyes to show through…but the MONSTER M4SK would block your vision if placed there. We need it a little out of the way.

Sorry, werewolf. You won’t work for this project.

I had to hit up a couple different Halloween stores before finding something really suitable. This is best done in person…you don’t really know what you’re getting online. You might want to bring the MONSTER M4SK board with you to check for a good fit.

Aha! This goat skull mask was perfect!

  • Some distance between the creature’s and wearer’s eyes, so our electronics won’t block the view.
  • Plastic rather than rubber, making it easier to attach things.
  • Inexpensive. This was a goof-off project and not something I’m attached to. Tip: whatever store you’re at, check online for coupons, many stores have a 20%-off-one-item deal.
  • This one’s not a full over-the-head mask, so it’ll stay cooler and dryer.
  • Skulls are creepy. Goats doubly so.

This crow skull mask was a runner-up. I guess animal skulls just work well with this idea, having the eye sockets in a different location. But there’s no law that says you have to make a monster…maybe you’ll find something cute instead!

Since this crow is a latex rubber mask, you’d need to get more creative with attaching electronics. The Fish Head MONSTER M4SK Eyes guide floats some ideas.

Of course, if you’re not planning on wearing the mask…but making an animated display piece instead…anything’s fair game, regardless where the eyes sit.

TOTALLY OPTIONAL: the mask’s minimal paint job seemed awful plain. A few thin washes of cheap craft store acrylic paint were all it took to make it “pop.”

While I was customizing things…I ripped out a couple of the interior foam pads to better fit my big head.

Modifications like these are best done before adding any electronics.

If the mask idea isn’t your style, maybe there’s some prop you could fancy up. Peering eyes from a monster in a box. A ventriloquist dummy. Or Skeletor had that staff with a ram skull on it. Check out the seasonal merchandise at big-box stores, there are usually a few winners there.

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