This kit isn't made anymore, but we're keeping the documentation up anyways! Enjoy but we don't have this for sale!

Make it! - Serial dongle

Serial Port SpokePOV Dongle Parts


J1 Programming Header 30310-6002HB 1


X1 DB-9 female connector w/solder cup connectors 1


R1-R3 1/4W 5% 4.7K resistors Generic 3


D1-D3 5.1v Zener Diode Generic 3


PCB (looks a little different than shown here) Custom 1

Assembling the Serial Dongle

Get your bench set up for soldering.
Place and solder in the 3 resistors, they don't have a specific orientation.
Place and solder in the zener diodes, making sure that you have the black stripe on the diode aligned with the white stripe on the PCB image.
Place the box header, matching the notch up, and the DB9 connector on the edge of the PCB.
Solder both, making sure that you get solder underneath the pins of the DB9.
Ok you are done!

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