This kit isn't made anymore, but we're keeping the documentation up anyways! Enjoy but we don't have this for sale!

Make it! - Dongle

SpokePOV Parallel Port Dongle Parts


J1 Programming Header 30310-6002HB 1


X1 DB-25 male connector w/solder cup connectors 1


R2-R4 1/4W 5% 1K resistors Generic 3


R1 1/4W 5% 47 ohm resistor Generic 1


PCB Custom 1

SpokePOV Dongle Assembly Instructions

Get your soldering iron hot and put the small circuit board in a holder (if you have one).

Slip the DB-25 socket onto the edge of the PCB so that the pads line up with the solder cups.

Now solder all the pads. Make sure you heat both the pad and cup and that they are soldered together, it's easy to not hit both.

Flip the board over and do the same on the other side.
Put in the jumper header (make sure the notch matches in the picture) and solder it in.
Place the resistors in, solder and clip the leads.
Put the jumper into the header. OK, you're done!
Connect the dongle to the SpokePOV and your computer parallel port to upload images. I bought a 6' parallel-port extention cable to make it easier.

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