Frequently Asked Questions

How does this thing work?
A SpokePOV is a 'stick' of LEDs with a magnetic (hall effect) sensor on the outer end. When a magnet passes by, the microcontroller takes note. By counting how long it takes between magnet passes, SpokePOV can tell how fast it's rotating and quickly blink the LEDS to present an image. Therefore, no matter how fast you are riding, the image will show up correctly!
Why is there a random LED lit on either side of the SpokePOV?
One LED is lit on both sides to indicate that the SpokePOV is on. The LED itself may vary, as it is also used to debug the SpokePOV.
What colors are available? Can I put my own colors in?
Right now kits are available in red, yellow, green and blue. You can use your own LEDs, just buy 60 5mm 2000mcd (or higher) LEDs and possibly vary the resistor packs to fit your LEDs and number of batteries - this may take some experimentation.
Why don't you have full color SpokePOVs?
While full-color POV is really cool looking, it's also fabulously expensive: to make a 60-LED SpokePOV full color it would cost 5x as much!
Will SpokePOV fit my wheel?

SpokePOV can fit either BMX (20") wheels or mountain/roadoad bike (700c/37") wheels. The short version is 6.5" (16.5cm) long, the longer version is 9" (23cm).

If you are using BMX wheels, simply cut the PCB before soldering in parts and then don't solder in the extra LEDs or latches.

How fast do I have to pedal?

On a mountainbike wheel, I have found that with 1 SpokePOV you should bike 15mph/24kph. With 2 SpokePOV, bike 10mph/16kph. With 3 SpokePOVs, 7mph/11kph. This will give a nice persistant image. The faster the better, of course.

Larger wheels you might have to bike a little faster. Smaller wheels, you can go slower.

SpokePOV has been tested to work at 30mph (but can probably go even faster).

Can I use SpokePOV on a car or motorbike?
SpokePOV is not for motorbike or car use. It is specifically designed for bicycles and bicycle speeds. You could easily hurt someone very badly if the spokepov is badly attached to a motorcycle and then flies off at very high speeds.
Do you have pre-assembled SpokePOVs?
Sadly, no. I only sell kits: fun & easy to make and you'll learn a lot when you build them! However, you can buy a similar product called 'Hokey Spokes' - same idea but you can't customize the images.

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