Example images

In case you want them again, here are the 'examples' used in the factory SpokePOVs.

USB Driver (windows only!)

Here is a driver for the USBtinyISP that says "SpokePOV Dongle" when its plugged in (otherwise identical)

C++ Software

Yay! I have rewritted the code to be much faster and much better with fewer errors and timeouts and nicer image handling. Please try it!

One thing to note with the Mac version and serial dongle is that it may detect more than one 'port' for a single USB device. Say /dev/cu.KeySerial1 as well as /dev/cu.USA19H1b1P1 try both as I've gotten better results with one over the other.

wxPython Software

You can try this stuff, but it is old... it wont work nearly as well as the stuff above. I include it for your amusement only!

  • Zip file of v1.2 for Windows users (now with serial support!)
  • DMG of v1.2 for MacOS X users (for use with a usb/serial converter!) If you're using the PL2303-chipset usb adaptor on a MacOS X machine, download this driver and install it, NOT the one that comes with the device!!!
  • giveio.exe, the software that allows python and other programs to access the parallel port (necessary!), available for download from the pyParallel project on sourceforge.
  • Just the v1.0 python script, config file, and sample bitmap for Linux/FreeBSD/etc. users. You'll have to also have Python 2.4, wxPython and pyParallel installed!


A hacked version of the v1.01 firmware that blinks all the LEDs when the bike is 'stopped'


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