Speak Easier: Flite

Flite (festival-lite) is a small, fast open source text to speech synthesis engine developed at CMU and primarily designed for small embedded machines and/or large servers. Flite is designed as an alternative text to speech synthesis engine to Festival for voices built using the FestVox suite of voice building tools.

Flite is also included in the Debian package library so installation is similar too Festival.  At the command prompt type:

sudo apt-get install flite

And you should see something like:

You are now set to try it out.  For simple text, use text after the -t flag:

flite -t "All good men come to the aid of the rebellion"

and you can have flite speak the contents of a file with -f

flite -f jefferson-inaugural.txt

Sounds pretty good, eh?

You are not limited to the default voice.  If you type

flite -lv

you get a list of available voices like this:

To use a different voice, use the -voice flag followed by one of the voices in the listing

flite -voice awb -t "The Raspberry Pi is a great Maker platform!"

The voices available as of this tutorial are:

If you would like one of the voices listed but not installed by default, they can be downloaded from the Flite website.

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