Now it's time to give Sparky a place to stand. An Adafruit packing box is great for this purpose (but any box or other cardboard will be fine). This will also provide a place to house the electronics and make Sparky portable.

Cut out two supports to hold up Sparky. Trim the corners just enough so that they don't extend off the back of the box.


IMPORTANT: Use your servo to measure the distance from the the hole to where you'll place the right support. Add a little extra distance to account for the thickness of the foam tape.


Allow the supports to extend beyond Sparky's outline by about 1 inch. This will give clearance for the mouth to move.


Tape supports firmly in place. 

Now Sparky is ready to be mounted on his box.

Add strips of tape to the bottom of the supports.


Align the back edge of the box with the back edges of the supports, and tape Sparky in place.


Cut a small hole in the space between the supports. This hole will allow you to thread the motor cable into the box and store the electronics inside.


Now you're ready for the next step! Onwards!

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