Begin by tacking down the FLORA main board to the skirt lining with regular thread, using two unused pads. Set up the fabric in a large embroidery hoop.
Stitch the four connections between the Flora main board and the accelerometer board. Check out the Flora Accelerometer Guide for more info.

Then begin stitching to connect your pixels data pads (marked with inward facing arrows and outward facing arrows) from FLORA pad D6.
Read our Conductive Thread guide for more tips on working with this odd steel fiber!

Knot, seal and clip the ends of the threads, being careful to avoid unintended connections (aka shorts).
Using one extra long piece of conductive thread, stitch the power bus for the six pixels on the front of the skirt. Repeat with another for the ground line.

We'll test these pixels first before connecting more on the back!
Don't power up your skirt until you've checked for shorts! Double check your tails are clipped and your skirt is laying flat on a nonconductive surface. Never stitch pixels with the power connected, and never connect power with the skirt bunched up in your lap!

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