This diagram shows how the wiring will lay out in your project.  Don't solder everything together yet!  You'll want to put the case in place and feed the wires through before soldering.

The wiring for this project is simple and robust.  

  • Circuit Playground Pin 6 --> Neopixel IN
  • Circuit Playground VBATT --> Neopixel +
  • Circuit Playground G --> Neopixel G

Then, string the neopixels in strands with OUT connecting to IN of the next pixel.  Connect all the + pads together, and all the - pads together.

Finally, connect the last + and - in each neopixel strand back to the very first neopixel in that strand.  This will distribute your power evenly and will make your project fail gracefully: if any one black or red wire breaks along the strand, all the neopixels will still light up, since they're getting power from both ends.

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