Finally, a skirt that does everything.


This skirt uses the amazing Circuit Playground board and stranded neopixels to create a versatile garment with loads of features.

  • Sound / music reactive mode
  • Motion sensing twinkle mode
  • Rainbow color palette modes


I made a petticoat or under-slip that can be worn underneath a variety of long skirts or dresses.  It would be simple to convert this project to pants, chaps, a vest, or any layered costume look.

The 3d printed "belt buckle" houses the Circuit Playground and adds another 10 reactive lights and button controls to the ensemble.   It can work as a standalone light buckle without the skirt as well.


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  • Circuit Playground
  • Individual Neopixels - I used 20
  • 3 colors of 26awg Silicone Stranded Wire
  • Battery - 3xAAA (safer) or Lithium Polymer (smaller)
  • Battery Charger (if you're using Lithium Polymer)

 Base Material

Last updated on Aug 16, 2017 Published on Mar 02, 2017