NeoPixel Strip

First I started out by measuring the NeoPixel strips to fit the chin and forehead area around the helmet.

I measured the chin at: 480mm

The forehead measured in at: 370mm

Our NeoPixel Strip will connect to the Circuit Playground Express with a wire 310mm long.

To connect the two strips, I measured a ribbon cable 40mm long to shape around the helmet.

USB Extensions

The Circuit Playground Express will require USB extension cables so we can easily connect to it. I built these with the 10 wire silicone coated ribbon cables to make the wire bundle easy to manage.  

I measured the USB wires 45mm long to have enough length to reach the outside of the helmet.

Solder NeoPixel Strip

To keep the connections small, I chose to solder the LED strips directly to the pads. I applied a small amount of solder to the pads and then soldered each wire the one side of the pads on the Circuit Playground Express. 

Mount Boards and Strips

I dry fitted the boards inside the outer shell to verify that all the wires are the correct length. I chose to place the Circuit Playground Express at the center of the helmet with the slide switch over to one side.  

I used a drop of hot glue to secure the boards to the outer shell.   

Glue USB and Slide Switch

Position the USB jack and slide switch close to the edge of the forehead. I measured the distance by making sure my USB cables could reach when plugged in. 

Use a small drop of glue to adhere the USB and switch to the lining of the helmet.

LiPo Pocket

The battery can mount via a printed pocket, right next to the Circuit Playground Express. I positioned the pocket so the battery can insert closer to the JST port.

Mount Strips

After the glue is allowed to dry, you can mount the NeoPixel Strip over the helmets lining. If you haven't already, remove the silicone cover as the hot glue can't bind to silicone.


Attach Visor

The visor mounts from the inside of the inner shell. Position the visor so the LEDs aren't covered. I carefully added drops of hot glue on each corner and center of the visor were the linear and visor touch. 

Connect Hinge

Almost there! Verify the visor is adhered in place. Place the outer shell over the inner shell. Insert one of the nubs on the inner shell into the circular holder on the outer shell. Then move the outer shell to the closed position, this will make it easier to snap the second nub into place.

Test that the hinge can move freely. There might be some hot glue that can be trimmed away to make the top shell easier to close.


Now time for fitting. I used weather strips to add padding to the inner shell. Cut pieces for the tops and sides and then move them around until they center the helmet around your face. 

Use hot glue to adhere the pads after finding a good fit around your head.


To complete the look pair with a space suit! 

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