Moisturize your skin and apply foundation as usual, first using a makeup primer if you're going out for a long time.

Apply liquid latex to the back of each pixel, and gently stick the circuit to your face. Clip the GEMMA hairclip into your hair. Apply a little more liquid latex to any areas that need more help to stick. Hold in place for ~30 seconds.
Allow the liquid latex to dry for 10 minutes, then flip on the circuit's power switch. Is it comfortable? You shouldn't feel any prickling at the sites of the pixels. If you do, you didn't insulate the back of your pixels well enough, and you should take the circuit off and apply more glue.
You're doing this project at your own risk. Follow the guidelines that come with the products used, including testing for skin sensitivity or allergies before attempting the complete look. If the circuit becomes uncomfortable at any point, flip the power off or remove it entirely.
Let's get started with the shading! Choose a highly pigmented dark black or deep purple shadow, and it brush all along the hairline to halfway down the forehead.

Using a bright purple, apply across the browbone and down the temples. Create a purple contour below the cheekbone, sweeping at an upward angle into the hairline.

This black is from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, and the purple is an unknown tri-color palette. Use a bigger blush brush for sweeps of color, and a smaller fluffy eyeshadow brush for packing color around the pixels and into the hairline.
If you have a darker skin tone, add some blues to mix in with the black and purple. If you have a fair skin tone, avoid blues but instead mix in some pinks and more purples.

We used an unknown rainbow palette similar to this one and Bare Minerals September Issue Ready eyeshadow palette.
Highlight the highest part of the cheekbones with an iridescent nude like the ones in this Physician's Formula Nude palette.
Onto the eyes! Apply an eyeshadow primer first if you plan to wear your makeup for a long time!

We used a Sephora Eternally Purple eyeshadow palette to create a purple smokey eye.

Apply a pale purple to the entire lid and just under the brow, as well as the inner corner of the eyes.

Use a darker purple in the socket line and blend up and out towards the browbone and with the lighter shadow on the lid.
Line your eyes with a black gel liner or whatever black liner you like.

Use a big fluffy brush to splash on a little bit of loose silver glitter.

Apply false lashes! First curl your natural lashes.

We cut each false lash in half to emphasize just the outer portion of the eye. Dab some lash glue on the plastic packaging and run the base of the lash set through the glue to apply the perfect amount. Stick the lash to the outer section of your natural lash line and allow to dry.

Apply mascara to both your natural lashes and the falsies.

For maximum staying power, apply a setting spray to your makeup.

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