Attach Brackets

Brackets are fastened to the printed board plate with two M3x8mm screws.

An M3 threaded nut is press fitted into the end of the bracket.

The bracket is secure to handles with a M3x10mm screw.

Solder Ground Wires

Twist four quick connect wires together facing the same way, then twist one silicone wire from the other direction to produce a four-way splitter cable. Solder where these wires all meet, then cover the exposed solder joint with heat-shrink tubing.

Solder Feather to Amp

Follow the Circuit Diagram to connect the Feather board to the Amp.

The Feather and Amp mount to the 3d printed plate with M2.5x6mm screws.

Solder Button Wires

Remove the jack from the quick connects and solder directly to the pins on the Feather board. 

Thread Wires

Bundle the ground and Button wires with pieces of heat shrink tubing. Pass each bundle through each button cutout.

Slide Bottom Plate

The bottom plate slides into rails built-into the case.


Connect Buttons

Align the contacts on the arcade buttons to face the same direction. Connect each quick connect to the contacts on the arcade buttons. 

Mount Buttons

The arcade buttons press fit into each cutout. 


Battery Bumper

The 220mAh lips battery fits inside a bumper with the wire facing out the larger opening.


Mount Battery

The battery connects to the JST port on the Feather. The battery fits inside the case, on the opposite side of the arcade contacts. 

Pushbutton Button

Connect the EN pin and the last ground wire to the contacts on the pushbutton. Carefully coil wires to fit inside the case.


Attach Lid

Unscrew the included threaded washer on the pushbutton. Press the pushbutton through the printed Lid part. Reattach the threaded washer to secure the pushbutton to the lid.

Align the lid part to the case to press fit into place.

Connect Speaker 

Solder an input JST to the speaker wire to easily connect to the amp.


Mount Speaker

Coil excess speaker wire inside the case.

Place the speaker inside the cavity.



The grill press fits over the speaker cavity.

Attach Bracket to Scooter

The bracket fits over the steering bar and secured by tightening the screw into the threaded nut. 

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