Adafruit Bluefruit App

Go to the app store (iOS or Android) and find and install the Adafruit Bluefruit app on your smartphone.

Launch the app. Make sure you're in "Central Mode" and that your Circuit Playground Bluefruit is powered on. You should see the CIRCUITPY drive appear on the main screen. If it's not there, try pulling down to refresh or restarting the app.

If you still don't see it, try re-uploading your code, making sure you have all the libraries installed. It won't work without all the libraries! CircuitPython still lets you save the file without throwing an error, so double check you've got everything you need.

Click Connect, then Controller > Color Picker. Choose a color and press the "Send selected color" button. Your luminaries will update with the new color. Like magic!

Now go back to the Control Pad. You'll see four buttons and four arrows. The number buttons will select your preset modes, and the up and down arrows will increase or decrease the brightness. The left arrow turns the NeoPixels off and the right arrow cycles through all your modes.

It probably goes without saying, but for posterity: the mobile should be solidly mounted, and any wiring or small, choke-able parts kept well out of reach of small children.

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