I ordered a baby mobile kit from Amazon which worked great. It's nothing much more than a 9" wooden hoop with holes pre-drilled for the included string. This one also included some cute wooden beads, and a needle and wire needle-threader to help with assembly.

Cut two lengths of string, at least 3-4 feet long. Thread them through a ring for hanging. If you want to add beads or crystals, thread them on now.

Thread the string through the holes on the mobile. My mobile kit included a handy piece of bent wire to make threading the holes easy. Push the wire through the hole, thread the string through the wire, then pull the wire back out again, drawing the string down neatly through the hole.

To add more beads or crystals on the strings, you can thread a needle with a large eye using the same trick to make the beading easier.

It's easiest to assemble the mobile while it's hanging. Hang it up and make sure the weight is balanced between the four strings before tying them off securely.

Wrap the ends of your flower stems around the hoop. I placed mine at varying heights, for interest and variety. 

This is a great time to test again to make sure all your flowers are still working. It's much easier to fix any glitches now.

Grab your trusty alligator clips again. Strip about 1/4" from each striped wire and twist all 5 striped wires together. Attach the red alligator clip to this bundle, and clip the other end to VOUT on your Circuit Playground. Repeat with the middle wires and connect to A1, and then connect the ground wires to G. Make sure everything is lighting up with no flickers.

To hide the wires, cut a circle from stiff poster board or cardboard that's the same size as your hoop. I cut a few notches where the sunflowers will drape down so everything lays out evenly. 

Cut a second circle from pretty vinyl or another material to hide the poster board. Glue the circles to the underside of the wooden hoop.


Finally, it's time to connect our sunflower wires to the Circuit Playground Bluefruit. I found it easiest to splice all the striped wire to one red wire, then connect that to VOUT. Splice all the data wires to a white wire and connect to A1, then repeat with the ground wires to G.

Decorate your mobile with more sunflowers, silk leaves, bees, butterflies, or any other elements that make your baby smile.

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