This Peace pendant project is a great way to hone your 3D printing + electronics skills.

The circuitry for this wearable project isn't that complex, and the 3D printed enclosure will provide a compact pendant that you can wear to your next party or event.

- Sound reactive
- Rechargeable
- On/Off switch
- Programmable

Before you begin, please read the following prerequisite guides:


Arduino or Adafruit Gemma.
NeoPixel Ring (12 LEDs).
- #4 3/8 inch Screws (x2) or similar.
Li-Po battery 3.7V 150mAh.
Lipoly battery charger.
Mic Amp.
- Necklace and ring.
- Micro USB cable for programming/charging.
22 AWG hook-up wire or any other suitable wire.

Tools and Supplies:

- Access to a 3D printer with filament.
- Soldering Iron with solder.
- Wire Strippers and pliers.
- Hot glue gun and super glue.

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